Parent and Toddler Program

The Parent Toddler Program is an enjoyable two hours specifically designed to cater for your child’s increasing desire for independence and enthusiasm for learning. This program offers a wonderful opportunity for parents and carers to experience and share the Montessori philosophy of education with their children.

Our welcoming, enriching and orderly prepared environment is specially set up to foster your child’s growing independence, with child-¬sized furniture and specialised Montessori equipment that caters for this stage of development.  All activities are prepared so that children are given the opportunity to explore and discover the environment and use the materials with minimum adult assistance to develop trust in their own capabilities.

The sessions are led by an experienced Montessori guide who provides responsive, individual attention as your child deals with positive experiences as well as frustration. Children attend with a parent or carer from the time they are walking independently, typically from 14 to 18 months until they turn 3.

This program offers parents and carers an opportunity to:

  • learn about Montessori education - discussion on topics like sleeping, eating, toileting, behavior and lot more.
  • learn to guide their child in keeping with the Montessori philosophy.
  • observe and understand the changing needs of their child with the help of an experienced Montessori educator
  • engage with other parents


Parent Toddler Program (14mths - 3 years *MUST be walking confidently and independently)

Due to covid-19 restrictions, we are currently not offering this program in our usual location at North Head. Please contact our team at Manly or Caulfield for upcoming programs and events in relation to Parent/Toddler Program.


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phone - 1300 158 088