Dear Families,
It is an extraordinary time where no one is exempt from the uncertainties and the impact of the COVID-19. It is also a time to be heartened by the strength of our community as we heed to the raft of Government requirements and recommendations. Headland Montessori centres continue to be open to support families to work and to support the broader community. We deeply appreciate and value your support in these unprecedented times.

Best regards,
Headland Montessori


Headland Montessori has been delivering high quality, authentic Montessori early learning programs in Long Day Care Centres, Independent School and parent communities since 2009. Through our experienced and qualified Montessori educators and carefully prepared learning environments, we enable children to experience consistent, supportive early childhood education and care, aiding them to grow in independence and fulfilling their natural abilities and unique desire to learn.

Our centres are Montessori Registered™ through Montessori Australia's Quality Assurance program to ensure children have access to an authentic Montessori 0 to 6 years program that best prepares them primary school (Year 1 or Cycle 2 - Montessori) education.